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Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord!

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Welcome to the website of the community of Saint Vladimir Russian Orthodox Church in Houston, Texas. Our Church has served the Orthodox community and has been a place for faith and fellowship for over 60 years. Our Church is dedicated to St. Vladimir the Great Prince and Equal-to-the-Apostles, the Enlightener of Russia.

As our guest, you are very welcome to browse the site to learn more about our Church and Parish life. There you will obtain information about the Church Sunday School, Library, Kiosk and come across the Photo Gallery of the Events happened in our church life.

May God bless you!


Pravoslavnyi Vestnik

3 November 2014
With the blessing of the Rector of our Church,Fr. Lubomir, members of St. Xenii of Petersburg Sisterhood have brought out the first issue of the Church newsletter “Pravoslavnyi Vestnik” . The newsletter is published monthly and contains important information about different aspects of Church life and deeds, the upcoming events and activities at the church.We anticipate that the periodical will develop into a good tradition and if you have comments or suggestions, you are welcome to share them with the editorial board. Should you be interested on advertising in the newsletter, please, contact the editors at or the Senior Sister Lyubov Stukalova. Upcoming deadlines for submission of copy - by 15th of each month.For more information, contact Senior Sister.
Thank you for your support
God bless you,
Editorial board

Birthday celebration of our rector Fr.Lubomir - Sunday November 23th after D. Liturgy

3 November 2014
Dear parishioners of St. Vladimir Orthodox Church! Welcome to the festive meal to celebrate the birthday of our Father Lubomir. Luncheon will take place on Sunday November 23th after Divine Liturgy. The Sisterhood will prepare festive meal. Please, bring your favorite dishes to share with others! We will appreciate your charitable donation, which can be left to Sr. Sister Lyubov, or can be mail to the Church address with a note: for Father Lubomir. The funds will be used as a gift to Father and to defray the cost of the meal. Thank you for your contribution!

Troparion tone 4

Sitting on the throne of God-protected Kiev,
thou wast like a merchant seeking goodly pearls, O Vladimir.
Thou didst search and Send to the Imperial City to know the Orthodox Faith.
Thou didst find Christ the Pearl of great price,
Who chose thee like Paul and enlightened thy blindness at the Font.
Thy people celebrate thy repose:
wherefore pray for Russia and all peoples,
that the Orthodox may be granted peace and great mercy.

Kontakion tone 8

Like the Apostle Paul, O Vladimir,
thou didst abandon childish ways
and in manhood wast royally adorned with Baptism.
Now thou art joyfully standing
in the presence of Christ our Saviour:
pray that Orthodox Hierarchs and people,
and all creation, may be saved.