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Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord!

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Welcome to the website of the community of Saint Vladimir Russian Orthodox Church in Houston, Texas. Our Church has served the Orthodox community and has been a place for faith and fellowship for over 60 years. Our Church is dedicated to St. Vladimir the Great Prince and Equal-to-the-Apostles, the Enlightener of Russia.

As our guest, you are very welcome to browse the site to learn more about our Church and Parish life. There you will obtain information about the Church Sunday School, Library, Kiosk and come across the Photo Gallery of the Events happened in our church life.

May God bless you!


New Church choir director has been appointed

14 November 2014
We are very pleased to announce that Tatiana Aleksandrova has been appointed as the new Choir director of St. Vladimir Church effective immediately. In a conversation with the Church Rector Fr. Lubomir, the former director - George Tokarev, has expressed his desire to resign from the position due to difficulties related to his advanced age. George was a conductor of the choir for decades. Committing his life to music and singing, he was able to build a professional, collegial and spiritual choir climate, remained open to suggestions and ideas as well as helped the choir members to gain confidence through the services. Under his leadership the Church choir was characterized by its beautiful and prayerful sound. The merits of George Tokarev were officially acknowledged on behalf of the Rector and the parishioners in a special statement issued by the Church. George remains in the choir as a chorister and as an assistant to the newly appointed director Tatiana, whose candidature he recommended. Tatiana’s nomination as choir director was approved by the Church Committee and blessed by the Church Rector. She has a classical music education and graduated with honors from a music school in Moscow, Russia. Tatiana is a talented, dedicated and experienced singer, a member of our Church choir for many ears. For the past two years, she has served assisting the conductor with the auditions, rehearsals and the new music selection of the choir repertoire. Her extensive expertise, energy and management abilities will be a great contribution to the further development of the choir.
Congratulations to Tatiana on her promotion as a choir director of St. Vladimir Church!

Additional Land acquisition for St. Vladimir Church

13 November 2014
By the Church Rector blessing our parish has acquired additional land south of the existing church estate. Hence, the first step towards the creation of the new Russian Culture Center is a reality.
St. Vladimir Church is the foundation of the future Center. Thus that land would allow not only planning the design and construction of the premises necessary for the Center, but also gives additional possibilities to improve remodeling and renovation of the church itself. As Russian Orthodox Christian community in Houston we hope, God willing, the Center will soon be recognized, and near the church a new home for the Sunday school; to conduct charity events and celebrating holidays will emerge. The Culture Center can have a powerful impact not only on the parishioners, but also on the larger Russian community as a whole. That is why we ask you to remember “St. Vladimir Russian Orthodox Church” (especially during the Christmas season) with a charitable gift in support of our important work on the establishment of the new Center. Any amount you can share will be greatly appreciated and put to good use right here at Church.
Simply visit or call 281-580-4374 to make your donation with a credit card. You could make a contribution by a wire transfer to the Church account: St. Vladimir Russian Orthodox Church, Bank of America, Routing No: 540750108; Account No: 005742299679. Or you may also send a check to “St. Vladimir Church” to the address: 24 Tidwell Rd. Houston, Texas 77022-1906, along with a memo: “For the Cultural Center”.
Donations can be made in any amount and are tax deductible. Please make a decision to give today!
May god bless you for your generosity!

Troparion tone 4

Sitting on the throne of God-protected Kiev,
thou wast like a merchant seeking goodly pearls, O Vladimir.
Thou didst search and Send to the Imperial City to know the Orthodox Faith.
Thou didst find Christ the Pearl of great price,
Who chose thee like Paul and enlightened thy blindness at the Font.
Thy people celebrate thy repose:
wherefore pray for Russia and all peoples,
that the Orthodox may be granted peace and great mercy.

Kontakion tone 8

Like the Apostle Paul, O Vladimir,
thou didst abandon childish ways
and in manhood wast royally adorned with Baptism.
Now thou art joyfully standing
in the presence of Christ our Saviour:
pray that Orthodox Hierarchs and people,
and all creation, may be saved.